Why Is SURGE Different?

Let's get real for a second, shall we?  

Speed workouts can be daunting.  

They force you out of your comfort zone and it can be all too easy to wimp out after 2 to 3 reps or brush them off altogether. Really, it's SO easy to do that!

If you've made it to our site, we're thinking you already understand the value of speed training.

Speed workouts are absolutely essential to meet your goals as a runner not to mention make you a better runner.

But maybe you need a little push to do them consistently.

Maybe you're not quite sure how fast to run, for how long, or how many reps to run.

Or maybe you like the idea of sharing the "pain" with others? (We do! Group training is way more fun!)

Either way or all of the above, allow us to solve your problem.

Introducing, professionally coached, progressive track workouts 

We believe that in order to build a well-rounded runner you need to address several different energy systems in a progressive manner. This means that, depending on when your goal race is, you'll want to train certain paces in certain amounts at certain times.  

We'll figure all that out for you and more.

We'll teach you drills so that your form improves.

We'll guide you through a proper warm-up (way more than just run a few laps, touch your toes and go!)

We'll cheer you on when you're starting to doubt yourself.

You just show up consistently and the results WILL come.

And that's really what we're all about - commitment. We are extremely committed to you and helping you become better.  And so we expect the same from you.

This isn't a casual, show-up-when-I-feel-like-it run club. This is a training club.

CLICK HERE to get started and we'll see you at the track!